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Top 5 free data visualization tools that will make your data stand out

Top 5 free data visualization tools that will make your data stand out
Top 5 free data visualization tools that will make your data stand out
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Adding even the slightest bit of visual appeal to data can make it interesting and less boring. The addition of visual appeal can be done firstly to make sure that your data stands out as interesting and secondly to not lose the interest of the reader.

With the presence of so many tools, choosing the right one becomes a hassle which can only be avoided if you are sure about the effectiveness of the data visualization tool that you are using.

5 tools that are proven to weave their magic are:  

1. D3.js

D3 - JavaScript library that visualizes data using HTML, SVG, and CSS

Commonly known as D3, this is the most renowned data visualization tool available on the Internet. D3 gives the users an opportunity to compile even the most intriguing data in the form of an interesting visualization. The tool uses open web technologies like - CSS, SVG and HTML.

Getting used to D3 will require a fair amount of time, so you have to become accustomed to the different analogies of the tool before achieving perfection in it. Compatibility is a slight issue, with D3; the tool can only be viewed from modern browsers. The basic requirement is of an IE9, thus, nothing below this will work.

2. Fusion charts

FusionCharts - JavaScript charts intended for web and mobile applications

Fusion charts which is a very compatible tool, provides its users with more than 90 charts and 960 maps. The large amount of variety in the form of different options makes the data visualization tool stand up as one of the best.

The tool can be accessed even by users who are using outdated browsers, since the minimum requirement is of IE6. Thus, compatibility is not an issue when it comes to Fusion charts.

3. Google charts

Google Charts - interactive charts that work on mobile devices and browsers

One of the most user friendly and easy to use data visualization tool, Google charts is compatible through each and every browser. Google charts provide the user with a very rich and large amount of different data visualization charts and methods.

The wide array of options not only makes the tool stand out as user friendly, but also provides the users a variety of ways to fulfil the needs they might have. The different simple lines, bar graphs and complex hierarchies add to the varieties available.

4. Tableau Public

Tableau Public - free software for visualizing data

Easy to use, free and very user friendly, Tableau Public is perhaps the best answer for someone looking for a quick data visualization tool.

Tableau Public attaches a big footer of Tableau branding underneath the charts. This can act as a drawback for people making the charts for commercial purposes. Hence, they will be required to go for the paid version of the data visualization tool.

5. Charted

Charted - automatic charts

The user interface at charted is one of the most cleanest and suitable one. Having the best interface, the tool is extremely easy to use as well. You just need to upload a CVS file, and the tool will make the chart for you.

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