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How can Twitter help us

How can Twitter help us
How can Twitter help us
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Twitter is gradually gaining momentum, and the most active participants are already reaping the first fruits in the form of thematic traffic to their sites. Twitter also gets the first sales or subscribers to their blogs. And traffic is money!

Twitter itself is a mini chat or mini blogging service, where you can "post" messages that contain no more than 140 characters. Like with most services, each blogger can choose the template, or even make it himself - it all depends on your creativity and perseverance.

How can we use twitter for our personal gain? It's simple - find  thematic audience and post  interesting mini-posts for them, of course, from time to time giving links to your blogs, websites, online shops. Some of subscribers will respond to your “feed” and become interested in your messages and that means that they are potential customers, visitors, rss-subscribers on the blog. It's simple - we post the material and what we get in return is thematic traffic.

Of course, not everything is so simple! The most difficult - is to find this thematic crowd and transform it into your subscribers. You might start spamming, you can add everyone in the hope that they add you back, but it's better just to write something useful and post links to interesting sites. That is the reason why people "follow" you.

Twitter is evolving at lightning speeds, for example, now there are ways to "cash" the service. The main thing is not to overdo, that subscribers would not scatter. Try to alternate ad posts and interesting ones and what you'll get is profit.

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