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Latest trends in web development

Latest trends in web development
Latest trends in web development
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Effective web design and development is based on a number of factors that need to be incorporated within the website layout. However, trends in web development change rapidly, bringing new factors and elements within web designs. Some of the top web development trends that can effectively be used to create a successful website include:


More and more websites today are gaining easy access to a variety of font sets that can be used to improve typography on their pages. Gone are the standard font sets that dominated the web development industry with unique and original fonts taking their place! Each company can now use their own font set to brand their image and emphasize the most important aspects of their home pages to attract and engage the attention of their site visitors.


Responsive and mobile-friendly websites are the future of the web development industry and it is a trend that is emerging even in current times. Although many businesses today have separate design layouts for mobile users and personal computers or laptops, there are numerous other companies who have integrated both layouts into one combined whole, making their existing websites into a user friendly and mobile friendly interface.

Scrolling layouts

Rather than clicking through various tabs to view different pages, Internet users will soon be simply scrolling down one single page to browse through the entire website. Many websites have already begun using this upcoming trend and others are soon to follow suit, especially if they want to cater to the convenience of smartphone and tablet users.

Flat and simple designs

There was a time when websites opted for textured backdrops and vivid images. Today, however, flat and smooth layouts are being preferred. The major reason for this is that flat layouts look the best on touch smartphones and tablets, as compared to textured effects that will crowd the website and destroy its simplicity and elegance.

Less means more

The latest trends in web development show that less is more when it comes to designing an effective website. The need for wordy sites is reduced as companies use lesser words to describe what they do and take help or images and video to support their short and impactful phrases.

Other trends

Web development is a vast field and even after you take aside some of the top key trends, you are left with many more to follow. Aside from the trends discussed above, other factors to consider with regard to web development include:

  • Integrated videos - more and more sites are integrating their videos into the layout itself, rather than simply adding a link to the video to be opened elsewhere.
  • Navigation bar - to help Internet users with easy navigation, the trend of a fixed navigation bar has come into being, making the bar remain at the top of the page, regardless of how further down you are scrolling on the site.

The online presence of any business is incomplete without an effective website, so every business owner should consider incorporating these trends into their web design with the help of professional and qualified web developers and designers.

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