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Top dos and don'ts of WordPress SEO

Top dos and don'ts of WordPress SEO
Top dos and don'ts of WordPress SEO
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When it comes to the question of which blogging system to use, WordPress leads the pack. Its functionalities relating to the diverse range of templates, architecture, and plug-in facilities provide users with an incredible amount of tools and pathways of creating content from websites to sharing pictures and video. The SQL and PHP programming and interface systems provide a user-friendly approach to open source blogging and surpass any other blogging site in that regard.

As with any online content, WordPress allows users to optimize on their SEM efforts to reach a wider target audience. However, given the vast range of tools and functionality in WordPress, users have yet to learn the basics of SEO techniques and methods to make the best out of their blogs and website.

The following is a list of dos and don'ts.


Too many tags

One of the most common mistakes users make is to think that adding as many tags as possible can help them improve their page's SEO. It does not! Adding rows of tags won't get your content anywhere on the search engine listings. However, by selecting specific and a limited number of tags, it can help to increase your SEO. Relevance and specifics are the key.

Over optimizing your keywords

A similar mistake people often make is also to pepper their content with too many keywords. This causes your content to become over optimized and is the perfect recipe for diverting readers away from your content. More importantly, search engines will not give you higher ranking of search results either.

Ignore images in your text

Images are just as important as text in your content. It allows making your content more enticing and engaging for readers and can help you optimize your SEM as users searching for particular images can be directed to your blog or website instead.

Have blank images details

Following from the benefit of adding images, one also needs to fill the details of the image such as title, caption, alt text and description. Leaving these details blank can limit the reach of your photos in search results. It is also important for the title and description to be accurate and meaningful to help boost your SEO efforts.

Absence of a Google+ account

Lacking a Google+ account means you are lacking credibility in your WordPress website or blog. You're really missing another great source of directing traffic to your blog.


Use a SEO plug-in

One of the easiest ways to help you in your SEO is to install a SEO plug-in that gets the job done for you. WordPress offers a myriad of free plug-ins that can provide you assistance on various SEO elements from Google Analytics support, generating automatic meta tags and avoids duplication of content. Plug-ins such as All-in-one SEO or the Google Analytics plug-in are good examples.

Be strategic about choosing keywords

When it comes to choosing keywords, you have to be strategic. One of the ways to do this is to decide on the diverse ways customers find content related to a particular topic or post and then add long-tailed keywords. For example, if you have a business of selling shoes to teenagers, then "shoes" is not specific enough. Narrowing it down to "converse shoes for teenagers" for instance would be more appropriate.

Tweak your permalink structure

Another way to increase your SEO is to create an engaging permalink structure for your blog post or website article. For example, a link such as http://www.davidcarrentalservices.com/?p=7245/ does not tell much about the specific post or article. However, setting your blog post permalink to
http://www.davidcarrentalservices.com/top-5-tips-when-renting-a-car/ tells the reader a lot more about the content it will have and makes it more likely to be clicked.

End note

WordPress is a great platform for creating and managing useful content for your blog or website. Its open source usage has allowed many to create content on their blogs and share content in the form of text, images and videos. However, the aforementioned dos and don'ts will prove to be a useful guide when it comes to SEO and ways to make the most out of it.

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