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Taking the tech road - can you become a good programmer?

Taking the tech road - can you become a good programmer?
Taking the tech road - can you become a good programmer?
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On this blog, a lot has been said for those who already are in the coding business, and those who have just started their journey. The people we usually tend to forget are those who are aspiring to join the geek league. This may not be a very technical topic to discuss, but it is extremely important not just for the prospective professionals but also for the growth of the industry. If you want to be a good programmer, you must understand the ground realities of the industry and analyze how fit you are for the job.

Unlike what Hollywood suggests, being a programmer is not about living in the basement and hacking NASA's satellites for fun. It is a demanding job that requires the ability to comprehend the client/user requirements, work as an effective part of a team, manage budget, and meet deadlines. It does pay well, or at least better than many other jobs, but your worth as a programmer really depends on your aptitude for this job. There are people who actually enjoy it, and then there are those who stay frustrated and dissatisfied. Where are you going to land? Let's find out!

You are a curious and continuous learner

Do you know one thing that is common in almost all great programmers? They are not the "master of one". In this fast-paced and rapidly evolving industry, you should be able to learn as many languages and master as many technologies as possible. If you have a curious nature and interest in exploring new boundaries, you will never find yourself outdated or out of work. So, if you are ready to stay a learner for life, you will make a good programmer.

You are a good communicator

Once again, breaking the Hollywood stereotypes, good programmers are not socially awkward introverts. In fact, this is one industry that relies heavily on effective communication, not just within the teams but with all the stakeholders. As we mentioned above, you must be able to understand the needs and requirements, and convey technical details to the client in a manner that is understandable for the not-so-tech-savvy individuals.

You like mental challenges

Programming, in other words, is playing with logic. People who actually enjoy it the most are those who love challenging their mental abilities through logical problems. By the time you are at the point of making a career choice, you will have a clear idea of whether you are in this category or not. You do not necessarily have to be a chessmaster, your interest and score in math or subjects that challenge mental and problem solving skills is also a good sign.

Patience is one of your virtues

While any job requires patience, persistence, and perseverance, programming is one that really puts these qualities to test. Even a small mistake or typo can lead to hours, or possibly days, of debugging. The worst part is when you realize it was only a missing semicolon or misspelled variable that cost you all that time. And yet you have to keep your spirits high in order to continue and complete the project within the given time-frame.

If you fulfill all these criteria, you will definitely make a good programmer. If not, you can still work on these skills and improve your chances of success as a programmer.

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