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Keep the programming boat afloat - know what's hot in the programming world

Keep the programming boat afloat - know what's hot in the programming world
Keep the programming boat afloat - know what's hot in the programming world
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One of the undeniable perks of being a programmer is the huge heap of choices you have when it comes to languages, frameworks, platforms, methodology and almost everything else. As we always said, there is hardly any comparison; the best choice simply depends on programmer's preference.

While it is an honest opinion, it is not as true as we would like it to be.

In the real world, the best path to go is one that will end you up with more clients and better opportunities. Anyone who has been in the industry for at least three years understands that demands for particular skills and expertise vary from time to time. There was a time when Flash was the "hype", and after a while HTML5 was what everyone wanted. So, as a programmer one needs to keep learning new technologies in order to evolve as a successful professional. More importantly, one needs to keep an eye on technologies worth learning. If that is a concern that confuses you, here is a list of five hottest trends in 2014.


No matter how new or old you are in the programming world, Java stays on the list of hottest languages to learn. It is all because of usability and flexibility. However, what makes it even more desirable now is the bulging demand for Android based mobile apps. Java is and remains one of the best platform independent languages ever created.

Hot frameworks: Spring MVC, JSF, Struts.


Call us obsessed but programming for mobile platforms is one thing you should be doing in 2014. As for Objective-C, it is your key to enter the Apple iOS market. Apple, as usual, made a smart choice with this object-oriented language for its platform not just because of the flexibility, but also because of the limited number of experts in this arena. In short, the scope is broader than most languages.


The only reason to mention PHP in this list the way PHP jobs have surpassed ASP.NET jobs during the past few months. The fact is your clients are usually not aware of the difference between both the platforms. For all they care, PHP developers are able to deliver solutions much faster than ASP.NET developers. Thanks to the open source community!

Hot frameworks: Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2.


You may not have taken this effeminately named language much seriously up until now, but it has proven its worth in a more impressive way than we expected. Ruby has the ability to take care of much of programmer's responsibility and allows them to focus on important aspects rather than the basics. Not to mention, Twitter and GitHub are running their core on Ruby through Ruby on Rails.

Hot frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Ramaze, Sinatra.


We can start another debate on Ruby or JS vs. Python, but let's save it for some other day. For now, we can only tell you that Python is much easier to learn and use. It has been around for a while, but Google has contributed a lot in making it extremely popular lately. The fact that Instagram and Pinterest are based on Python is enough to establish the ground.

Hot frameworks: Django, Zope2, TurboGears.


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